Vitalice CRYO® | Face Massager
Vitalice CRYO® | Face Massager
Vitalice CRYO® | Face Massager
Vitalice CRYO® | Face Massager
Vitalice CRYO® | Face Massager
Vitalice CRYO® | Face Massager
Vitalice CRYO® | Face Massager

Vitalice CRYO® | Face Massager

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There are many beauty tips, but not all of them are effective. One that really works: glaze your skin. Yes, icing your skin can do everything from reducing the appearance of large pores to reducing facial puffiness. But putting ice cubes on your face isn't exactly convenient, and it can get pretty messy once the ice starts to melt.

Designed to optimize COLD BENEFITS on facial expression lines,

fatigue and dark circles. ¡The cold is your best ALLY!


VITALICE, unlike other products, is a solid oval (means filled inside) now it keep cold for longer achieving your skin receives the properties of cold more efficiently.

The skin in response to exposure to low temperatures makes an effort to heat the object that carries the cold, so with the vitalice we offer you a better cold preservation, for greater exposure to your skin.


The continuous use of cold AFFIRMS, tones, tense softens and reduces dilated pores giving you a YOUNGER LOOK every morning.

Cold withoutdripping REAFFIRMS MAKEUP.  Vital ICE can be used over dewlap and cheekbones 

✔ Prevents the appearance of acne
✔ Delays the appearance of wrinkles and reduces those already present
✔ Prevents premature aging, acting on all signs of age
✔ Smoothes the most superficial layers of the skin
✔ Help relieve inflammation and boost the skin´s healthy glow
✔ Increase the flow of oxygen to your muscles
✔ Promote blood circulation, thereby giving skin a helathier appearence
  • Take the product to the freezer inside the plastic bag that comes with it.
  • Massage your face as illustrated by the image, as long as Vitalice maintains its temperature. Repeat as may times as necessary.
  • Vitalice can be used over dewlap
Cold therapy should only be applied for 10-20 minutes at a time in each zone, doing circular movements to improve the results. It can be removed for 10 minutes and then reapplied again. 


🚫 ¡Don´t stay in the past! 🚫


The Vitalice is really simple and efficient, you just keep it in the freezer and apply it to the skin.


✔ All our products are prepared with a hygiene and desinfection protocol for your health

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